On-Demand Web Seminar
A new “house call:” screening insights + virtual care

Past event date: Dec 03, 2020 | 60 Minutes
Hosted by Employee Benefit News

​​​COVID-19 presented challenges to all aspects of life, including healthcare delivery. The need to social distance combined with strain on healthcare institutions led to the quick adoption of remote care options. And this trend likely will not reverse. According to the Business Group on Health, 80% of employers believe​​ virtual care solutions will play a large role in future healthcare delivery.

​​​To stay ahead of the curve and reduce healthcare costs in 2021 and beyond, employers need to evolve their population health strategies to meet employees where they are and provide convenient access to care. But how can employers effectively integrate virtual care options into their current well-being programs? And what features ​​enable a virtual care program to empower better employee health?

​​​In this session, employers will learn how combining diagnostic screening insights with virtual preventive care enables continuous care for employees in a post-pandemic world. Quest Diagnostics, a leader in laboratory services and population health solutions, and Catapult Health, a leader in virtual care, will discuss what makes a remote well-being strategy effective in improving health outcomes.

Jay Wohlgemuth David Michel Wendi Mader Lynn Gresham
Jay Wohlgemuth, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Research
& Development
and Medical
Quest Diagnostics
Wendi Mader, MA
Chief Commercial Officer, Employer Population Health
Quest Diagnostics
David Michel
Catapult Health
Lynn Gresham
Employee Benefits Expert
Employee Benefit News
Employee Benefit Adviser

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