On-Demand Web Seminar  The hot mess of healthcare: How to cut through the fraud, waste & abuse

Hosted by Employee Benefit News

Would you ever pay $800 for an ordinary teddy bear? We didn’t think so. But, you might if a hospital is tacking it onto a medical claim as a “sleep aid.” (Note: we’re not making this up. One of our members received a claim like this.)

As patterns of reckless and negligent billing continue to rise, so in turn will the number of ERISA lawsuits. As employers, you have a fiduciary responsibility for your employees’ plans and it’s essential that you have full transparency into how your healthcare dollars are being spent. In every other industry, there are laws to protect you from the deceit, but the healthcare system seems to get a pass.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the mess of healthcare alone. Join these thought leaders as they share how to protect yourself from the fraud, waste and abuse that’s all too common in today’s healthcare industry.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • It’s getting sloppy out there – Why ERISA lawsuits are on the rise & why you need to pay attention
  • Spotting the hot mess – How to identify potential risks of fraud, waste & abuse and feel empowered to protect your company and employees
  • The dream cleaning crew – How to identify forward-thinking partners & innovative strategies to help you provide better benefits at lower costs

Featured Presenters:

Jacqueline Grady, Esq.
Grady Legal, PA
Scott Bennett
Vice President,
Access Innovation
Maestro Health
Dave Earle
Vice President,
Self-Funded Growth
Maestro Health
Lynn Gresham
Former Editor-in-Chief
Employee Benefit News

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