On-Demand Web Seminar  4 big trends changing tobacco cessation for HR in 2019

Hosted by Employee Benefit News

The surging popularity of e-cigarettes, new incentive strategies, exciting technology, and data-driven benefit communication make a fresh approach to tobacco cessation a must-have in 2019.

Today, 34 million Americans still smoke and the landscape of services to help them quit is quickly changing. Certain digital interventions can influence engagement in cessation—but not all. Rising e-cigarette use is sparking a complex challenge for HR. And common incentive designs are making (or breaking) whether employees who smoke attempt to quit.

To maximize the reach and impact among employees and dependents, it’s time for HR benefits leaders to rethink their approach to tobacco cessation.

Watch this on-demand web seminar to learn:

  • New technologies driving tobacco cessation outcomes
  • Ways to more effectively design incentive achievement
  • The impact of e-cigarettes and how employers are responding
  • How data can drive communications that allow employers to better support quit attempts

Featured Presenters:

James Andrews
Director of Client Solutions
EX Program at Truth Initiative
Jessie Saul, Ph.D
Director of Client Success
EX Program at Truth Initiative
Elliot Kass
Freelance Writer, Editor,
and Presenter

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