On-Demand Web Seminar  Diabetes reversal: How a new treatment is transforming employee health

Hosted by Employee Benefit News & Employee Benefit Adviser

This on-demand webinar explores the following topics in detail:

  • The diabetes reversal opportunity: How innovations in medical-nutrition therapy have opened up a new category of diabetes treatment.
  • US Foods: Why US Foods decided to support diabetes reversal, and the results it has seen to date
  • Value-based care: Why Virta is willing to go 100% at-risk for its fees.

A new category of diabetes treatment is now available to people living with type 2 diabetes—reversal. Unlike status quo diabetes management techniques, diabetes reversal allows patients to regain normal blood-glucose levels while simultaneously eliminating costly diabetes medications.

In this presentation, Hassan Azar, SVP of Human Resources from US Foods, an American foodservice distributor with 25,000 employees, describes how his employees have experienced unprecedented clinical improvements through diabetes reversal via the Virta Health treatment.

Virta Health is the first company completely dedicated to diabetes reversal without drugs or surgery, and is the only company in chronic disease space to put 100% of its fees at risk. Across Virta’s entire commercial book of business, 61% of patients have achieved diabetes reversal after one year, and participants eliminated 77% of their diabetes-specific medication prescriptions.

Featured Presenters:

Hassan Azar
Senior Vice President
Total Rewards
at US Foods
Sami Inkinen
Virta Health
Lynn Gresham
Employee Benefits expert
Employee Benefit News
Employee Benefit Adviser

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