On-Demand Web Seminar  Get Personal: Better benefits messaging for your multigenerational workforce

Hosted by Employee Benefit News & Employee Benefit Adviser

With Annual Enrollment season upon us, effective employee communication is top of mind for HR pros. But, helping employees select benefits is only the beginning. They’ll use their benefits (and have questions) for a full 365 days.

Education is key, now and throughout the coming plan year. But, with multiple generations in the workforce, the challenge has become more complex. We need to connect with people about a very personal topic — their benefits. One size won’t fit all. Personalizing the messaging can help.

You're collecting important data during AE that can help you gain valuable insights into your population of employees. Looking at your data is a great starting point for nudging people toward better health and improved benefits literacy.

In this free one-hour on-demand session, you’ll learn:

  • Why benefits literacy is an important part of ROI for the benefits spend.
  • How to start thinking about leveraging benefits data as something that can drive positive change.
  • The best points at which to communicate, and the best methods to deliver important messaging across the generations.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts on thinking differently about benefits literacy through insights-based communications.

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Jennifer Benz
Benz Communications
Angelique Sweeney
VP, Professional Services
Nataly Youssef
RECLAIM (MyA Health Inc.)
Rae Shanahan
Chief Strategy Officer

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