On-Demand Web Seminar  Hottest trend of 2017: The makeover of self-funded benefits

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The self-funded solution has traditionally been stodgy and boring—dare we say, old school.  The conventional solution (TPA) paid claims, designed plans and helped control costs to some degree, but there was nothing special about it. However, droves of employers are making the big transition to self-funding. And for the first time ever, small to mid-size organizations, who have long been fully-insured, are turning to self-funding too. So what’s behind this hottest trend of the year?

We all know that the continuing spikes in premiums and unknown ACA regulations have been fueling the shift to self-funded solutions—but there’s so much more to it than that. The next generation of employer-sponsored benefits is here—and if you’re wondering why and how these businesses are making the transition to the new world of self-funding and whether it’s worth it for you – you’re not alone.

Register now and listen to industry experts take away the mystery and guide you through the new world of self-funding. Plus, hear a real-life example from Mark Watson, Executive Director of Human Resources, Union County Government.

Discussion topics:

  • The Hot Tech Trend: What the much-needed transformation in self-funding technology has to offer
  • The Hot Data Trend: How being data-smart with self-funding tools has driven the things that matter most to employers 
  • The Hot Personalization Trend: How to spice up self-funding employee engagement with personalization
  • The Hot Savings Trend: What you need to know about the next generation of self-funding to make your CFO think you walk on water

Featured Presenters:

Jeff Yaniga
Chief Revenue Officer
Maestro Health
Dave Earle
VP of Client Experience
Maestro Health
Mark Watson
Executive Director of Human Resources
Union County Government

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